HUL Pureit 5 Litres Classic RO + UV Water Purifier | Best Water Purifier Under 10000

Pureit Classic RO+UV Water Purifier has an elegant & sleek design, that matches your modern lifestyle and adds even more beauty to your kitchen. This water purifier will provide pure and germ-free clean drinking water in no time. Purchasing HUL Pureit Classic is a great deal for you as it provides a good value for your money. Therefore, if you are in search of best water purifier under 10,000 with amazing features, then go through the article once. Pureit Water Purifier is buyers first choice with latest technologies and superb features.

Pureit Classic RO+UV Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Classic is one of the most selling water purifiers in India. As it uses 6 stage purification process through RO+UV technology to provide pure and clean water for drinking. Its Germkill performance standard meets stringent (USEPA) norms due to which every drop of water becomes pure. An inbuilt advanced voltage fluctuation guard protects your purifier from any unexpected voltage fluctuation from 150 volts low voltage to 300 volts high voltage. The TDS removal reduces the TDS level in the water up to 1800 PPM and turns the hard water into sweet water. Pureit Classic RO UV Water Purifier works best for small families because it has a water storage capacity of 5 litres that ensure purified water is always ready to drink.

Pureit Classic RO+UV Water Purifier is suitable to install in any type of water sources such as bore-wells, tap water and hard water. It reduces the TDS level of water and destroys all kinds of bacteria and micro-organisms to give safe drinking water. Portable size and stylish design of Pureit classic water purifier make your kitchen more efficient and modern. Moreover, this water purifier comes with a break resistance tap feature that is tested up to 50,000 times to ensures durability. Purification capacity of HUL Pureit Classic is approximately 9 to 12 litres per hour. However, the time taken to purify depends on the life of the filters, the input water pressure, TDS and other impurities present in water.

Pure it Classic RO+MF Water Purifier Features Description

  • Engineering Grade Plastic Body
  • 90 per cent TDS Reduction
  • GermKill Kit
  • Storage Capacity
  • Advanced Voltage Function Guard
  • Leak-Free Fittings
  • Easy Installation

1. Engineering Grade Plastic Body

Pure it Water Purifier is designed with food grade engineering grade plastic which is durable and stylish. It purifies water by killing germs and eliminates hardness, pesticides, dissolved salts and heavy metals like lead, and arsenic. Moreover, it also removes microbial contaminants like virus, protozoa, cysts, and bacteria from water.

2. 90 per cent TDS Reduction

Pureit Classic RO UV water purifier brings the TDS levels in the water to safe drinking levels by removing 90% of all dissolved solids. It turns hard water up to 1800 ppm into soft and sweet water.

3. GermKill Kit

Germkill performance of the Pureit Classic RO+UV water purifier meets international standards for microbiologically safe drinking water. The Classic Germkill Kit is the USP of this water purifier. Also, the combined filters and ultraviolet filtration steps ensure maximum removal of microorganisms.

4. Storage Capacity

This water purifier has a storage tank with a capacity of 5 litres so that you can get purified water even in the absence of electricity. Refer Pureit Classic RO UV Review to get better information and customer’s views. To buy visit amazon HUL Pureit Water Purifier sale at best price.

5. Advanced Voltage Function Guard

Advanced Voltage Function Guard protects your purifier from sudden voltage fluctuation and ensures the purifier is always working safe in high voltage of 300 volts and also in low voltages of up to 150 VAC.

6. Leak-Free Fittings

Pureit Classic RO+UV Water Purifier comes with a high quality leak-free fittings and strong grip which provides a leak-proof seal. Therefore, you don’t need to buy extra clipping parts and leak detectors.

7. Easy Installation

HUL Pureit Water Purifier is really easy to install by following step by step procedure and detailed instructions given in the user manual which comes with the package.


Pureit Classic Water Purifier Specifications

  • Product Name : HUL Pureit Classic RO+UV Water Purifier
  • Storage capacity : 5 litres
  • Total Dissolved Solids : 200 mg/lit (min) – 1800 mg/lit (max)
  • Technology Used : RO + UV technology
  • Filtration Capacity : 9-12 litres/hour
  • Power Rating : Classic RO + UV – 55 Watts
  • Input Voltage : 165 – 240 Vac; 50 Hz
  • Pump Type : Diaphragm pump, 24 V DC
  • Total Hardness : 600 mg/lit (max)
  • Iron in Input Water : 0.3 mg/lit (max)
  • Turbidity of Input Water : 1 NTU (max)
  • Length of Power Adapter : 1.5 meters
  • Weight : 7.87 Kg
  • Pressure Rating : 5-30 psi
  • Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

How to Install HUL Pureit Classic Water Purifier

  • Pureit Classic RO+UV Water Purifier must be installed by a trained Pureit technician
  • Make sure that you test the input water TDS before installing. The minimum input water TDS should ideally be more than 200 PPM, and maximum must be 1800 PPM.
  • If TDS is less than 200 PPM, then you should install a TDS Modulator which can be bought at an additional cost.
  • Ensure that HUL Pure it Classic Water Purifier is installed on the wall.
  • Never connect the purifier to any hot water tap.
  • Always place the purifier close to the plumbed inlet connection (not more than 2 meters). Also, avoid sharp bends to the pipes.
  • Install your Pure it Water Purifier away from any direct sunlight and ensure there is enough ventilation.
  • Waste water pipe must be placed lower than the tap of the purifier.


HLU Pureit Classic Water Purifier protects your family from water-borne diseases by providing pure, healthy and tasty water. Its classic look and slim design make Pureit Classic RO+UV Water Purifier look different. Before buying, check out Puriet Classic price along with reviews. Learn how to install water purifier from a Pureit classic manual.

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