Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Reviva 8 Litre RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier

Are you worried about drinking water from the tap or borewells? Then Aquaguard Reviva RO UV TDS Water Purifier is a great choice you should go with. Eureka Forbes introduced this low-priced Water Purifier to provide clean and safe drinking water. This Aquaguard 8 Litre Water Purifier comes with a unique e-boiling technology, which makes the water safe and pure as boiled water over 20 minutes. Read the whole article on best water purifier – Aquaguard Reviva and decide whether it fulfils your demands or not.

Aquaguard Reviva RO UV TDS Water Purifier

Aquaguard Reviva is a simple looking water purifier which is suitable for different sources of water along with high TDS. Its unique RO technology membrane blocks dissolved impurities, removes excess TDS, chemical contaminants and at the same time retains essential minerals in Water. As its inbuilt TDS regulator simply adjust purification process as per source of water and enhances the taste of water. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Purifier comes with a unique e-boiling feature, that eliminates disease-causing bacteria, virus and protozoa ensuring that every drop of water you get is pure and safe as boiled water. Also, Aquaguard with Advanced Mineral guard technology removes dangerous new age contaminants like lead, pesticides, while retaining essential natural minerals in the water.

Aquaguard Reviva RO Water Purifier is designed for both tabletops as well as wall mounting installation. The storage capacity of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Reviva RO UV TDS Water Purifier is 8 litres. Aquaguard Reviva Water Purifier comes with tamper proof Reject water valve in addition to the booster pump with enhanced capabilities. It also uses the silver surety technology as well as the unique membrane cleaning system to provide safe and pure water free of germs, bacteria, and other contaminants. The Applicable TDS range is 500-2000 mg per litre and it can remove 90% of them while purifying water. Moreover, check Aquaguard Reviva Price, Features & Specifications and decide whether to buy or not.

Aquaguard Reviva RO Water Purifier Features Description

  • RO Technology
  • Unique e- Boiling Technology
  • TDS Regulator
  • Complete Protection
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Advanced Alert System
  • EMLE (electronic life membrane enhancer)
  • Automatic water level sensor
  • Suitable for Every Type of Water

1. RO Technology

Aquaguard Reviva Water Purifier uses RO technology to remove excess TDS from the water. Also, its blocks dissolved impurities and chemical contaminants, while retaining essential minerals in the drinking water.

2. Unique e- Boiling Technology

Aquaguard Reviva RO UV TDS Water Purifier comes with a unique e-boiling feature to kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites from the water. No need to boil water on a gas stove for 20 to 30 minutes because of its new unique e-boiling feature. It boils water with the help of electricity and provides pure and safe drinking water.

3. TDS Regulator

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Purifier also comes with a TDS regulator which helps you to adjust the TDS level in the water manually, so that you can get healthy, safe and tasty drinking water. For more details and complete information check Aquaguard Revive Reviews.

4. Complete Protection

Aquaguard RO Reviva Water Purifier provides complete protection by eliminating tough new age contaminants like lead, pesticides and heavy metals from water. This water purifier also ensures that water is free from disease-causing bacteria, virus and protozoa.

5. Large Storage Capacity

Aquaguard Water Purifier has a storage capacity of 8 litres for the convenience of users. So that you will not wait for a glass of drinking water even in the absence of electricity.

6. Advanced Alert System

Aquaguard Reviva RO Water Purifier comes with an energy saving function and plays an important role in saving electricity. It turns off the power automatically when the tank is full, and with the help of built-in voltage stabiliser, it purifies water even when there is no electricity.

7. EMLE (electronic life membrane enhancer)

This technology increases the life cycle of RO membranes and reduces maintenance cost. Refer Aquaguard Reviva RO+UV Review to get better information and customer’s views.

8. Automatic water level sensor

Aquaguard Reviva RO UV TDS Water Purifier has an automatic water level sensor that automatically detects the level of the water and stops the purification. This ensures that there will be no overflow of water inside the machine.

9. Suitable for Every Type of Water

Aquaguard Reviva purifies water from any sources such as bore-wells, overhead tanks, municipal supply etc. So, this is the best water purifier compared to other water purifiers.


Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Reviva Water Purifier Specifications

  • Product Name : Aquaguard Reviva RO UV TDS Water Purifier
  • Storage Tank Capacity : 8 Litres
  • Purifying Technology : RO + UV
  • Filter Type : Sediment
  • Applicable TDS Range : 1 – 2000 mg / litre
  • Purification Stages : 6
  • Power Consumption : 45 Watts
  • Installation Type : Table Top, Wall mount
  • Booster Pump Voltage : 24V DC
  • Input Water Turbidity (Max) : 15 NTU
  • Input Water Iron : 0.3 mg/litre
  • Input Water Chlorine(Max) : 0.2 mg/litre
  • Input Water Temperature : 10 – 40°C
  • Input Water Pressure : 2.0 kg/ 0.6 kg/
  • Dimensions : 320 x 275 x 410

Aquaguard Reviva Installation Guide

  • Install your Aquaguard Reviva in a dry, ventilated place.
  • Keep it away from sunlight, heating devices or areas below freezing temperatures.
  • Make sure that the input tap water ranges between 10°C – 40°C.
  • Avoid Connection to a hot water tap because it damages the filters.
  • Make Sure that the tap water pressure is between 0.3kg/ and 3.0 kg/ for RO/RO+UV & between 0.3 kg/ and 2.0 kg/ for UV.
  • If the water pressure is more than 3.0 kg/ and 2.0 kg/ respectively, then installation of a pressure reducing valve is mandatory.
  • Flush filters and membrane thoroughly and independently for 3 to 5 minutes to remove fine particles present in the filter. This should be done before the installation of the unit.
  • Make sure that the reject waterpipe is placed lower than the purifier, to avoid stagnation of high TDS reject water in the pipe.
  • TDS regulator to be adjusted by a trained Eureka Fores Service technician, only to provide healthy water always, as per customer requirement.


Aquaguard Reviva RO UV TDS Water Purifier is the best water purifier for home or office. It has got positive feedback and reviews regarding its purification technologies and unique e-boiling feature. Check out Aquaguard Reviva Reviews 2019 and then decide to buy RO Water Purifier at amazon sale.

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