AO Smith Z6 + Hot RO Water Purifier Price, Features & User Guide

Are you tired of searching for best water purifier under 25000? Then try this A.O. Smith Z6 Water Purifier. It comes with an advanced prefilter and sediment filter for effective removal of sediments and solids from the water. AO Smith Z6 has a glow effect that directs you efficiently during the night time. This water purifier is loaded with a 2-year warranty on the RO membrane. Therefore, AO Smith Water Purifier is well suited for Indian homes. Hence, in this article, you can get the complete guide about A.O. Smith 10 Litre Water Purifier Reviews, Specifications and Installation Guide. 

A.O. Smith Z6 Water Purifier

AO Smith Z6 is India’s first RO Water Purifier with Night Asst technology which beautifully lights up your kitchen during night time. The purified storage capacity of this water purifier is 10 litres i.e 9.2 Litres + 0.8 Litre (purified hot water). It uses 7 stage purification process to provide 100% pure and clean water for consumption. Double level purification of RO+SCMT technology ensures that the water generated is absolutely pure. Also, the Unique mineralizer technology of A.O. Smith Z6 Water Purifier ensures that essential minerals are returned back to the purified water. Moreover, this purifier can be installed on the wall or on the counter top as per your convenience.

It features hot water dispensing so that you can choose hot and lukewarm water. The hot water dispensing system makes sure that beneficial minerals are added back to the purified water. AO Smith Z6 Water Purifier comes with an advanced alert technology that alerts you in advance when you need to change the RO membrane and other filters. Also, it is also loaded with the auto-flush and self-cleaning purpose. The patented RO membrane of this water purifier uses the latest technologies to reduce wastage in water and rejection of impurities. Therefore, AO Smith Water purifier is best suitable for your home.

A O Smith Z6 10 Litres Water Purifier Features Description

  • Patented Side Stream RO Membrane
  • Min-Tech (Mineraliser Technology)
  • Purity through 7 stage purification
  • Twin Advanced Alert System
  • Easy Placement
  • Large Storage Tank
  • Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT)
  • Advanced Digital Display

1. Patented Side Stream RO Membrane

RO membrane uses the latest technology and ensures that you drink safe water. The water flows sideways results in efficient use of RO Membrane, thereby reducing wastage of water and rejection of impurities.

2. Min-Tech (Mineraliser Technology)

Unique mineraliser technology in A O Smith Water Purifier adds the essential minerals to the water. So the water has a natural taste. Also, it balances the pH – essential for drinking water.

3. Purity through 7 stage purification

A.O. Smith Z6 Water Purifier comes with a 7-stage purification process which purifies the water and improves its taste. During the purification process, water passes through pre-filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, RO membrane, mineralizer, silver-activated carbon and SCMT.

4. Twin Advanced Alert System

Another unique feature of AO Smith Water Purifier is Twin Advanced Alert System. It alerts you in advance when the RO Membrane or other filters need to be replaced.

5. Easy Placement

A. O. Smith RO water purifier comes with the dual convenience of wall mounting and table top. Therefore, this is best water purifier in India compared to others.

6. Large Storage Tank

It has a storage capacity of 10 Litres. So, even in the absence of electricity, storage tank ensures a continuous supply of purified water.

7. Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT)

In the final stage of the purification process, the advanced Silver Charged Membrane Technology purifies the water once again, for enhanced purity with RO+SCMT technology.

8. Advanced Digital Display

Power Icon: This icon informs you when the purifier is ready and working.

Tank Full Indicator: The illuminated icon tells you that the tank is full.

Auto Flush Indicator: This indicates every time the water purification process is activated, the auto-flushing mechanism cleans the RO membrane. It enhances the life of the RO membrane.


AO Smith Water Purifier Z6 Specifications

  • Product Name : A.O. Smith Z6 Water Purifier
  • Storage Tank Capacity : 9.2 litres (approx.)
  • Storage tank capacity (Hot Tank) : 0.8 litres (approx.)
  • Purification technology : RO (Reverse Osmosis) + SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology)
  • Pump type : Diaphragm pump, 24VDC, 0.45 Amps at 80 psi
  • Operating Voltage A : 150 – 300 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption : 60 Watts
  • Purification Stages : 7 Stages
  • Flow rate : Up to 15 litres per hour
  • Pressure Rating : 7 psi to 30 psi
  • Input Water Temperature : 5°C to 45°C
  • Warm water temperature : Warm water temperature
  • Hot water temperature : 80°C ± 5°C
  • Emergency cutout temperature : 90°C ± 3 °C
  • Product Dimensions : 32.5 x 31.4 x 50.3 cm
  • Item Weight : 15 kg
  • Warranty : 2 years

A. O. Smith Z6+ Hot RO Water Purifier Installation Guide

  • A.O. Smith Z6 Water Purifier should be installed only by A. O. Smith Company authorised service technician.
  • Make sure that the input water is tested before installation.
  • Do not install the water purifier if the TDS is more than 2000 ppm.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight
  • Don’t put heavy objects on the product.
  • Turn on the water connection through the ball valve.


If you want to buy yourself an best water purifier? Then, you can choose the A.O. Smith Z6 Water Purifier that meets all your expectations. Furthermore, A O Smith Water Purifier gives you fresh and pure water with the perfect amount of minerals. Coming to the AO Smith Z6 Reviews by customers who bought the water purifier have given it the highest ratings. Therefore, choose the best water purifier under 25000 at Amazon sale for your home.

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